The Australia & New Zealand Inflammatory Bowel Disease Consortium (ANZIBDC) was formed in 2008 and currently consists of twelve sites across Australia and New Zealand:

  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
  • Royal Children’s Hospital (Brisbane, QLD)
  • Mater Adult Hospital (Brisbane, QLD)
  • Townsville Hospital (Townsville, QLD)
  • Canterbury Gut Research Group (Christchurch, NZ)
  • Fremantle Hospital (Fremantle, WA)
  • Flinders Medical Centre (Adelaide, SA)
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (Adelaide, SA)
  • Concord and Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospitals (Sydney, NSW)
  • Liverpool Hospital (Sydney, NSW)
  • St Vincent’s Hospital (Sydney, NSW)
  • St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne, VIC)

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are chronic, debilitating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. ANZIBDC’s major objective is to progress knowledge and clinical practice in the field of IBD through the combination of both clinical and scientific research. In order to achieve this objective, ANZIBDC is pursuing the following goals:

  • A strong, collaborative IBD clinical and scientific network
  • A universal tracking system for patient assessment, management and treatment, including the use of biological therapy to identify the best predictors of patient outcomes
  • To regularly benchmark and collaborate with European and North American colleagues

Each ANZIBDC site contributes patient DNA, phenotype data and biological samples (such as blood, stool and tissue samples). By pooling these resources, ANZIBDC can undertake more complex and powerful research. The work of the ANZ Consortium will serve as a basis for contributing to international studies and collaborating with European and North American IBD consortia who are undertaking similar work.

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