Crohn’s Colitis Cure is a not for profit charity whose reason for existing is simply to help individual patients with Crohn’s & Colitis.
We aim to improve care resourcing and enable research with partners to find improved treatments and cures.
Crohn’s Colitis Cure undertakes, facilitates and collaborates in Clinical and Basic Research across the globe to achieve our aims.
Crohn’s Colitis Cure has built an IBD-specific Electronic Medical Record called Crohn's Colitis Care (CCCare).
CCCare supports care consistency, reduces unwarranted variation in care and provides longitudinal data to inform optimal care pathways.
Longitudinal patient data are collected through CCCare and stored in a Clinical Quality Registry and a Research Database.
This provides a rich data repository for clinicians, scientists and researchers.
Data collection enabled by CCCare, with its ability to be matched with data from linked biosamples, will revolutionise our ability to develop insights for care delivery and cure.
Your help is needed to enable this important work to be continued, so that we can find a cure for these diseases.
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Crohn’s Colitis Cure (CCC)

At Crohn's Colitis Cure, we are striving to help create a future without Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration, driven by data, to achieve our goal of curing these diseases (otherwise known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or “IBD”).

We aspire to eliminate the physical, mental and financial burden for sufferers and their families now and in the future.

How can you help?

If you would like to help, the easiest way is by donating to the charity. You can also help by sharing information about Crohn’s Colitis Cure or about IBD with your contacts. IBD is underfunded and under-recognised as many people are hesitant to discuss issues around bowel disorders – but big gains in treatment or cure need funds, and funding does not come from secrecy.

CCC is an Australian registered charity and donations are therefore only tax deductible for Australian residents.

If you have or know someone with IBD, you will know that these are difficult and at times awful conditions. Join us on this journey - help 'Crohn's Colitis Cure' to cure Crohn's and Colitis!