Our charity, Crohn’s Colitis Cure, provides direct financial support to research into Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
The research is being undertaken by a leading group of Australasian IBD clinicians and scientists.
This collaborative research involves the collection of DNA and blood samples from IBD patients with Crohn’s or Colitis.
Samples are analysed, collated and the information is used to form a unique database for scientists and researchers.
This is the most significant IBD research project ever undertaken in Australasia.
Your help is needed to enable this important work to be continued, to help find a cure for these diseases.

Crohn’s Colitis Cure (CCC)

An Australian registered charity that has been established to support a research consortium (known as ANZIBDC), a collaborative research initiative explicitly targeting IBD. ANZIBDC is a team of clinicians and scientists based at 12 IBD centres located at major hospital sites. It is the largest and most important research project of its type ever undertaken in Australia and New Zealand.

How can you help?

If you would like to help, the easiest way is by donating to the charity.

CCC is an Australian registered charity and donations are therefore only tax deductible for Australian residents.