Crohn's Colitis Care

Crohn’s Colitis Cure has developed a new custom-built cloud-based eHealth platform for Inflammatory Bowel Disease called Crohn’s Colitis Care (CCCare)

CCCare is designed with the aim to improve patient management and quality of IBD care around Australia New Zealand, as well as assisting research by enabling better data management.

CCCare is an integrated tool which encompasses:

  • a patient clinical system, with privacy safeguards, through which individual care is managed and ongoing specific structured patient data is captured;
  • a clinical quality registry, where structured, deep and de-identified longitudinal data is captured and can be interrogated to provide specific and targeted insights (and which can be married with genetic and bio-markers from stored samples); and
  • a research database, where extended data with ethics-approved focus resides (this is where genetic data and other “wet bench” analysis can be housed).

CCCare is now live at 19 leading IBD treatment sites across Australia and New Zealand, with plans for deployment on a global scale.

Currently there are over 13,500 patients with information documented in CCCare and growing rapidly – we hope you may soon see it where you receive your IBD care! 

We are continuously refining and developing the software, and have just undergone a major upgrade to allow for compatibility and appropriateness at paediatric care centres. With every upgrade, we are simultaneously enlarging the database, which is used for research into treatment pathways and cure.

CCCure takes patient privacy and CCCare’s privacy and cybersecurity obligations under the Australian Privacy Act and other applicable legislation seriously. Please rest assured that our policies, processes and practices are fully compliant with our legal obligations.

Australian Sites

  1. Royal Adelaide Hospital
  2. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  3. Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
  4. Integrated Gut Health
  5. Mater Adult Hospital
  6. Liverpool Hospital
  7. St Vincent’s Public Hospital, Darlinghurst
  8. St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney
  9. St John of God Hospital, Subiaco
  10. Campbelltown Hospital
  11. Logan Hospital
  12. Monash Children’s Medical Centre [Clayton]
  13. Children’s Hospital Westmead
  14. Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick
  15. Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide
  16. Monash Medical Centre, Clayton
  17. Children’s Health Hub, Westmead
  18. Perth Children’s Hospital
  19. Perth Paediatrics

New Zealand Sites

  1. Dunedin Hospital
  2. Christchurch Hospital
  3. Christchurch Children’s Hospital